A new poem part one

October 13, 2009

Just Another Tryst? Part One-A new hope
(wait!  Wasn’t that part four?)

Pale Moonlight illumines the tenderest scene
Two lovers embrace with a trace of a sheen
of sweat on their shoulders betraying their passion
Her gown down; his tux off; it’s not time for fashion

They stand intertwined at the foot of the stair
The air still and crisp but they really don’t care
The heat from their bodies, the heat of their love
ore’comes the chill weather when push comes to shove

He smiles as his gaze wanders south of her shoulders
And spies what appears to be little red boulders
could it be excitement that caused them to swell
or merely enhanced as the mercury fell

There’s no need for talking; their eyes say it all
His blue eyes, her hazel but both are enthralled
Their souls’ open windows share things that are best
expressed by the shouting that beats in each chest

Their lips melt together, their breath comes in gasps
endorphins excite every raw neural path
Emotional high is a vast understatement
And cardiac racing can see no abatement

The budding commitment, the hope for the future
the newness of Us’ness the hearts bound and sutured
together with knowing that walking the path
their joys will be doubled, their hurts will be halved

Thus mutual attraction’s a fit place to start
and who can command the affairs of the heart
but true intimacy is much richer when you
can meet with your minds and your spirits too

Though animal passions may be fine and dandy
undoubtedly fun to get down and get randy,
one finds those dear promises harder to keep
when love’s a mile wide but just an inch deep

Though total agreement is boring, no doubt
and if you’re not different, “What’s there to find out?”,
there must be some wisdom to that ancient screed
“Can two walk together unless they’re agreed?”

So know your new sweetheart and don’t jump the gun
Put off carnal knowledge until you are one
Find out where you differ and where you both mesh
And realise both are what keeps your love fresh

But share everything from your past that’s germane
so you can avoid too much shock or the pain
of finding out secrets and blaming who caused it
in case restless skeletons escape from the closet

These two will be fine if some wisdom they glean
and Yadda yadda yadda; you know what I mean
But  more of this picture  I soon will reveal
when next I put poetry ahead of a meal

So let’s all for now take our leave of these two
I’ll go get some Curry as I’m wont to do
No doubt they’ll be yet locked in loving embrace
when I return sated with crumbs on my face

And shed some more light on this lovely tableau
with more information than you wish to know
Are these two souls just common dating-pool members?
Will fickle fate reduce their flame to mere embers?

Two No’s to the questions above I’ll advance,
while stating  the reasons they have a good chance
their bond to be synergistically sublime
Hey! I made a sesquipedalian rhyme!

That prior stanza just took a turn for the verse
A victim of my polysyllabic curse
Repenting and quiting while I am behind,
I’ll add to this later if you all don’t mind


Even then…

October 13, 2009

Here’s a poem I wrote in the 11th grade.  The English lit teacher told us to go outside and come back forty-five minutes later and turn it in. Sheesh! So I slouched outside, sat down, closed my eyes, gazed into the Abyss and came up with this cloying,  Sophmore, opps I mean Junior effort.


I’m sitting in the classroom

I’m feeling very sad

In fact, this is the blackest mood

that I have ever had


The world, I think, is down on me

My life, I feel, is bare

I’m all alone in my distress

The others just don’t care


When all at once a flash of white

bursts forth upon my view

And I can tell it’s just for me

so I cease feeling blue


And so I think from here on out

when fate has acted vile

I’ll think about that flash of white

which was, in fact, your smile.   : )

Yawn, scratch, blink, burp.

October 13, 2009

My 1st post on this here newfangled blog thingy

I woke up after midnight with indigestion and belched out
this bit’o’doggerel

Mene Mene Tekel (google it)

“You blew it today!”, my conscience is nag’in.
A scrumptious buffet made me fall off the wagon.

I rationalized as I joked with the waiter,
a rational lie, “I can make it up later”

Oh, Don’t get me wrong; I’m not gonna buckle
or throw in the towel. I’m mad, but I chuckle

To think that an IQ of One forty-two
Conspires with my passion for good Barbeque

To scuttle my efforts and undo my gain
or should I say loss commandeering the reins

Of my self-denial for which I was proud
but as I have mentioned, I will not be cowed

And so I’ve discovered, if I would be be buff,
that calorie-counting is seldom enough

I have to remember to keep myself humble
and steel my resolve if I don’t wish to tumble

Though pride before fall is a word to the wise
When it comes to the scales it may lead to a rise.

burp! opps! scuze me!